AZR Series

The Adirondack-Aire AZR Series zerOzone chassis provides enviro nment friendly, high efficiency cooling and heating where individ ual, quiet control is a priority. This application specific unit is a direct replacement for the GE Zoneline AZ75 and AZ85 series ve rtical packaged air conditioners and heat pumps. The chassis is a part of a complete system, which consists of the AZR chassis, a sleeve, wall plenum and Exterior Grille that is typically built into the building exterior wall, ductwork, and wall thermostat. The chassis contains the compressor, indoor and outdoor heat exchangers, evaporator and condenser motors and fans, electric heaters, and all controls (except the wall thermostat). The chassis slides into the existing sleeve for an easy install and removal. The AZR chassis is dimensionally compatible to the original, available in 3 capacities 9,000 btu, 12,000 btu and 1 8,000btu and in Cooling Only, limited range heat pumps.

Proven technology, quality components, careful design and testi ng, and the latest in environment friendly technology mean long unit life, and user satisfaction. These reverse cycle heat pump units include a bi-flow thermostatic expansion valve, oversized suction ac cumulator, electronic changeover control, compressor crankcase heater, bui lt-in electric heaters with overheat protection, high efficiency factory programed EC evaporator and condenser blower motors, with dynamically balanced DWDI blower wheels. The cooling only models are designed for durability including oversized suction accumulator, capillary tube expansion and electronic safeties.

Also standard is the Rust-Block* corrosion protection system, evaporator freeze protection, high-pressure over protection. Adirondack-Aire backs the AZR with a customer friendly one-year parts and labor warranty and five-year compressor warranty, (see Warranty document for details).

* Rust-Block corrosion protection system consists of: heavy gauge galvanized steel construction, powder coated base pan, stainless steel
compressor studs, stainless steel drain pans, and Magnaguard coated and/or stainless steel fasteners.




Fast and Easy Replacement

The Adirondack-Aire AZR series replacement chassis fits the existing GE Zoneline AZ75 and AZ85 series vertical packaged terminal air conditioner and heat pump front panel, sleeve and wall plenum and works with the existing wall thermostat, ductwork, and architectural exterior grille. Because the chassis dimensions and construction details are like the original, replacement work is fast and easy. The condensate drain lines up with the original. Limited heat pump option minimizes the need for back-up electric heat. Using Adirondack- Aire replacements eliminates the need for room and exterior wall renovation and is the solution that gets your property back in service quickly and at the lowest total cost.

Damage Protection

The standard high-pressure switch stops unit operation before damage occurs, should airflow become reduced or obstructed due to dirty coils, obstructed airflow, or motor failure. An electronic control ensures precise system change overs to maximize efficiency and enhance reliability. The Rust-Block system ensures a stain-free building exterior. Built-in electric heat/blower module uses a slideout design to aid in room-side service.

Options and Accessories

• Digital wall thermostat